LOVE Letters for your family

February 14, 2018

Remember when birthday, anniversary and Valentine’s Day wishes were handwritten love letters you kept in a shoebox to keep forever? I recently stumbled across a whole box of mine while putting our Christmas decorations away in storage. Early letters from my husband, handwritten cards and letters from my mom and dad, hand drawn pictures from […]


Love Multiplies | Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

March 16, 2017

I know I’ve shared this before but I am always reminded of the Family Circus Cartoon below when I am with a growing family! It’s so true and I just LOVE watching families and LOVE grow. It’s become a kind of tradition with this family…as their family and love grows, so does their wall gallery […]


Celebrating 2016!

January 5, 2017

I’m still holding onto the holidays and celebrating all the blessings of 2016!  Proud to share some of the highlights that made the past year so memorable at Dottie Foley Photography.  I am looking forward to all the possibilities that are yet to come in 2017.  


The World Record & Giveaway

April 11, 2013

Show of hands, how many people remember the Brady Bunch episode where Cindy and Peter try to see-saw their way into the record books? I’ll admit I have always thought that holding a World Record for something would be really cool. I never have been able to grow my nails that long (have you seen […]


The Difference a Day (or 7) Makes | Philadelphia Family and Maternity Photographer

December 11, 2012

I absolutely love, as my mom used to say, “being in on the carry.”  There is something so exciting, so promising with each and every new little life that every time I meet a family on the verge of getting ready to grow, I can’t help myself from being giddy!  This family was no exception.  […]


More Fall Family Fun | New Jersey Family Photographer

November 14, 2012

I spent Saturday morning with this amazing family.  I loved seeing the totally natural connection between the two older sisters.  It reminded me of my sisters and how important they are in my life.  And to see them both hanging with the little guy just makes my heart smile.   I know they will be great […]


Fall Family Fun | Chester County Family Photographer

November 14, 2012

This was a beautiful fall Sunday and a very special family. I loved photographing them just being themselves in their backyard.  They so obviously and honestly connect with one another.  They are always a joy to be around!  

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