February 14, 2018

LOVE Letters for your family

Remember when birthday, anniversary and Valentine’s Day wishes were handwritten love letters you kept in a shoebox to keep forever? I recently stumbled across a whole box of mine while putting our Christmas decorations away in storage. Early letters from my husband, handwritten cards and letters from my mom and dad, hand drawn pictures from my babies. I MISS handwritten notes…not the notes that are backed up on my Google drive or sentiments posted on Facebook. While they are nice there is something special, a bit more personal, about a handwritten note.

Do you want to capture this moment in your relationship with your spouse and children? Do you want to strengthen your relationships with them? Do you want to be more intentional about letting them know how much you cherish them and hear how they cherish you?
This past summer I gave our family a gift that we will remember forever, will likely repeat year after year and I want to share that gift with you! We hired Angelsea Urban (a good friend and fellow photographer) to capture our family portraits in our favorite summer place, Ocean City, NJ.  And we wrote LOVE letters to each other to share during the session.  Yes, some of us (not naming names) needed extra time and some of use needed extra prodding (still not telling you who) to get started but in the end it was a memory in itself!  During the session, Angie captured real emotions joy,  laughter, admiration and love in the images she created.  They and the handwritten notes we wrote are a treasure to me and my family.

If you want to share your love for your family and watch it grow, you are invited to schedule a LOVE Letters Session with me this Spring or Summer. I can’t wait to see how the chance to create space to share your feelings with each other helps your family grow closer together!  

peace, love and happiness to you and yours,


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