March 25, 2017

Celebration of Musicians | Chester County Photographer

I am blessed to be the mother of two music loving kids who combined have played instruments for 12 years! TWELVE!! And that doesn’t include all the preschool Makin’ Music classes we started attending at 6 months old or all the years of playing “instruments” they found in the Tupperware cabinet when they held nightly Kitchen Band gigs on the floor, under my feet while I was cooking dinner (and yes, I DO miss those days).

They played soccer for a total combined 5 seasons and up until last year I had more soccer pictures (that are adorable and a great memory of the early years) on the walls than pictures of them doing what they LOVE! WHY?!?!  I’m not really sure except that the soccer pictures just happened every season and I didn’t think to have their portraits taken with their instruments until last year!  I mean I did take pictures at school concerts but none of those images made it to my walls where my kids would see me celebrating their gifts!  So this year I am making a pledge to my fellow musician parents to highlight the blessings of our children’s gifts by focusing on creating The Portrait of A MUSICIAN.

Music Photography

Let’s capture your artist doing what he/she loves…not from the audience through the whole band or orchestra. To learn more about these sessions or to schedule a session click here.  And stayed tuned for information on how to WIN a session coming soon!


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