March 21, 2017

Portrait of a Dancer | Chester County Dance Photographer

A couple of weeks ago, I hosted the Portrait of a Dancer Sessions at Studio 239 in West Chester.  If you’ve never been there you are missing out…the studio just begs you to grab a cup of coffee and relax!  With the beautiful hardwood floors and the high ceilings, it was the perfect setting to show the strength, beauty and grace of the dancers participating in the sessions.

My favorite dancer joined me for the day to assist and I was so very grateful to have her along.  Not only did we capture some great shots during our lighting tests, but she was a big help handing the flour to the dancers so my camera didn’t get covered in dust.

Portrait of A Dancer

The lighting tests were keepers

Just for the record I am sure the picture on the left below was taken yesterday…how she has become so mature and my assistant for the day I can’t explain.  

We were both a little worried about the mess the flour would make but luckily we left time between each session to clean up! We were great once the hubby brought in the reinforcements of the full size vacuum and some swiffer cleaners!

The dancers were amazing.  Each with her own style and every image turned into it’s own unique work of art.  Thank you to all the dancers who participated.  Here’s a quick sampling of the art we created together . . . I can’t wait to show you the rest!

Dance Photography In Motion

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